Educational Progress - Paul Freire

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Essay: Educational Progress – Paul Freire

To define what education is, Paulo Freire has analyzed how the school systems work in almost all institutions, to end up with the conclusion that education that is given to students does not fit with its definition. Although people do not agree on a single definition of education, it has been agreed by most thinkers and philosophers that education is a way to teach student how to think rather than telling them what to think. That is the source of enlightenment, and thus the start of progress.

Progress happens when people are educated. However, are people taught in the proper way? And what is the proper way to educate? Freire accuses teachers of oppression. They dominate the minds of the students and teach them how to be followers more willingly than how to be masters of their own footsteps. Or in other words, students learn alienation; the desire to resemble to someone else who is most of the time successful in his or her life. The student wants to take this person’s life, to own everything that person owns, ending to be someone who has no identity and more importantly, someone who has no creative ideas. We cannot blame people for wanting to be successful in their lives since that is the one thing that all citizens recognize: successful figures. So, to survive in the world, each of us has to have an education which will promote him or her with the job that will guarantee the summit. The parents - who already took that path and who influence a great part of their children’s education since most of them are the teachers in the schools – impose that kind of life to their children, for example, when they make comparison between their child and other person’s child who is a good student and who is obviously for them the model their child should follow. So, education feeds the alienation that I mentioned before. The student thinks that in order to progress, he has to take everything he is taught for granted, but is he...
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