Educational Preparation: BSN versus a diploma or ADN degree

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Educational Preparation: BSN versus a diploma or ADN degree
Argument over differences in competencies between BSN and associate degree or diploma in nursing has been going on for a long time. The nursing practice and policy requires nurses who need to perform within and beyond the system with more freedom in patient care, clinical community settings, and skill full management of the case (Rosseter, 2006 , p . 4 ). The assignment mainly focuses on the differences in competencies between Associate degree nursing and Baccalaureate degree nursing. The differences between Associate degree Nurses and Baccalaureate Nurses includes communication skills, knowledge, problem solving and professional role. Education does make difference in both nurses’ performance. To implement a quality work, nurses with BSN degree have a more important part in the health practice. Decision making, critical thinking, plans, implementation, intervention, and evaluation are the skills the Baccalaureate nurse holds (Rosseter , 2006 , p . 4 ). A BSN represents a Baccalaureate of Science in Nursing. BSN program is a four-year degree course, which provides more depth in all areas of studies including physical science; research in nursing, leadership and management in nursing and humanity. The elaborated and intense education with BSN degree shows the entire picture of the professional development and also provides better understanding of all aspects including social, culture, economic and political issues. Exposing the nurse to human diversity and global perspective, health promotion, spiritual perspectives, ethical, legal, political, historical and social influences using liberal arts including, biblical concepts for complete understanding of the field. According to Leddy and Peppers Conceptual Bases of Professional Nursing (Lucy J Hood, 2010) BSN Prepared Nurses reveals the following competency: 1. Provide direct care using nursing process practice within and...
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