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Differences in competencies between the Associate - degree level and Baccalaureate- degree level in Nursing

Grand Canyon University: NRS-430V | Nursing History, Theories, and Conceptual Model

Differences in competencies between nurses prepared at the Associate degree level versus Baccalaureate degree level in nursing.
In this modern age, Nursing is no longer limited to just bedside patient care. Nursing is now evolved into a complex, multispecialty, sophisticated and an important component of modern society. Because nursing is now a integral part of modern healthcare and society, many people want to pursue a carrier in nursing. Associate degree level and Baccalaureate degree level are some of the nursing programs available. The core of nursing care and practice in Associate degree level and Baccalaureate degree level stays the same. Following paragraphs will discuss in detail, what are the differences in competencies between nurses prepared at the Associate degree level versus Baccalaureate degree level. Baccalaureate degree program

Baccalaureate degree program is a four year course, which is a theory, knowledge and research based. Baccalaureate degree in nursing emphasis on the study of entire nursing field as a whole, it is also about evidence based practice, global perspective of nursing, spiritual perspectives, nurse to human diversity, ethical, legal, social influences and historical concepts of nursing. According to the University of Texas at Arlington “baccalaureate graduates are prepared to synthesize information from various disciplines, think logically, analyze critically, and communicate effectively with clients and other health care professionals” (College of Nursing, 2010).   They go on to say that “graduates are expected to demonstrate all the competencies (knowledge, judgment, and skills) of the preceding levels of education, but with greater depth and breadth of application” (College of Nursing, 2010). The baccalaureate nurse...
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