Educational Policies and Practices

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Instructional Leadership and Change
“Change is a process, not an event. It can be planned or unplanned and can be influenced by forces inside and outside of the schoolhouse.” ( Current education reform has stressed the urgency of teacher learning in improving classroom education and expanding student success. Current education reform in the United States has increasingly described standard levels of mastery for learners and focused on holding schools responsible for student outcomes. As one approach for increasing student attainment, officials have zoned in on improving the quality of public school educators (Parise & Spillane, 2010). Certain policy plans concentrate on the dimension involved in refining the quality of educators coming into the area of teaching through state accreditation exams, more rigorous degree requirements, and recruitment efforts. In addition to the aforementioned, increased responsibility and stress on schools involve learning and modification for many of the educators already working within this capacity, as they are pushed to apply new instructional methods and advances in order to promote and foster student achievement (Parise & Spillane, 2010). Assessing the Condition: Loris High School

Trevor Strawderman, principal of Loris High School, Horry County, South Carolina, reorganized educational structure to benefit the school. In 2005, Loris High School ranked in the bottom percentile among high schools, scholastically, in the state of South Carolina. Principal Strawderman knew that issues in the area of literacy plagued the school’s academic performance. Assessment statistics revealed that 74 percent of the 9th and 10th graders of the school were reading below grade level. As a result of this issue, dropout and class failings soared to extremely high figures ( Strawderman, the newly appointed...
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