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  • Published : April 22, 2011
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Personal Educational Platform

Marva Collins once stated, “There is a brilliant child locked inside every student,” and I sincerely believe that my personal educational platform is based upon this quote (2007). I believe the ultimate goal of all teachers and school leaders is to be the key that unlocks the brilliance in every child. Many people would believe that only the teachers would play a vital role in accomplishing this goal and not school leaders, but I believe otherwise.

School leaders play the most vital role in the success of a child’s education because they are the ones that make the educational decisions that will affect both teachers and students. I think many school leaders make decisions without thinking about the teachers or the students, and those decision cause ripple effects of negativity throughout the school which ultimately hinders a child’s educational success. As a school leader, I want to be able to make decisions that will foster educational success for every student. I feel that before any major decisions are made, I should consult with every stake holder involved so I can make my decisions rationally and logically.

Also, many school leaders tend to just focus on academics when making decisions rather than considering the emotional or social success of a child. It must be understood that a child is first a human being then a learning being, and school leaders must make decisions that foster both emotional and social success which will eventually led to academic success. I feel that many school leaders tend to neglect a child’s social and emotional well-being. School leaders often say to teachers, “Making learning fun,” but they forget to make school fun. Because school leaders are often the decision makers of the school, they are ultimately the ones who decide if school is a fun place to be or not.

I often hear from school leaders that school is not a social place, but in actuality, school is a social community. It is the...
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