Educational Planning

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Group 1

1.What, in general, is the role of the school administrator in efficiently implementing new curriculum design? -The school administrator must be creative in the delivery of a curriculum design. It requires a perfect management of the interaction of the different factors.

2. What must be mind set of a tasked individual in fully achieving the expected implementation of a plan? -One must believe not only on the thoroughness of the initial planning but on the managerial skills needed to carry out the plan.

3.What are the three stages of the change process described by Miller? -The three stages include initiation, implementation, and institutionalization.

4.What does the locale of the implementation of the curriculum design play in connection to its initiation? -With a supportive environment that encourages openness and trust, initiation would go smooth. It would also provide a clear signal to everyone concerned that every individual’s contribution will be appreciated.

5.What is the process of task individuals in efficiently knowing how to initiate a curriculum design? -It is important or vital that the school leader must provide all stakeholders adequate expectation about the proposed change and its rationale. This is important because teachers need time to reflect on the goals of the new program and they try the content and learning experiences in the new curriculum in order to suggest alternative ones based on actual experiences. Group 2

1.Why do human beings resist change (in general)?
-They think it is easier to keep things as they are.

2.Why do teachers frequently equate change with more work?
-It is because the implementation of a new curriculum puts additional burden on teachers already overloaded on their work.

3.Why is there a need for the instructional leader to be a change agent? -To overcome the resistance of change.

4.Why do many major curricular reform efforts require or result into...
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