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  • Published : November 4, 2012
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Educational Outings- L2B Leeds Tropical World
This is a very popular Tropical Haven where you will find a range of exotic fish, reptiles and Birds from all around the world, all in various theamed room's to match their natural environment such as- The Butterfly Room- This room holds up to 40 different varieties of butterflies and it is also an ideal place for them to breed in a mature habitat. Step Ashore- This is the room which is based on a tropical island where many animals will be found in what appears to be there natural environment. The Amazon Tank- In this room there are many different species of tropical fish from all around the world. Desert House and Meerkats- This is the room where you are introduced to many different species of birds from places such as south America and the Canaries. Amazon South America tank- This room holds rare whistling ducks in its ponds creating an Amazonian environment. Creature Corner- This room involves many reptiles such as lizards, snakes and tortoises and many other reptiles. What will children learn from tropical world?

Tropical world will introduce a child to animal's in what appears to be their natural habitat, they will see a range of reptiles, birds, fish plants and gardens all in what apperas to be their home. This will help children learn activley and it will give them a better understanding of animal life. It will give them an oppourtunity to learn activley outside of the classroom, seeing smelling and hearing instead of reading out of a book. Tropical Room's-

Birds eye view of tropical world

Potential Hazards-
Ponds/Swamps- People could slip or trip into the water causing a fatal injury, minor injury or worse. Rocks from walls- Rocks could fall off the wall and onto the walk way and cause someone to trip and injure themselves. Ropes on Bridges- People could fall onto the...
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