Educational Issue

Topics: Alternative education, Homeschooling, Education Pages: 3 (1005 words) Published: March 9, 2013
Superior Educational issue
Education brings a bright, successful future for a child’s learning ability. In school, there taught the essentials of what will help them throughout the rest of their lives. There are two types of schooling which are public and home schooling. A parent may ask which one is preferable? Public schooling offers more than academics, and better communication for a child’s learning environment. In advance Home school has more benefit than public schooling because you work at your own pace. Could home schooling be a substandard way for kids to learn valuable people skills, and likely be worse for public schooling because of exposure to different improper lifestyles from an individual child? The advantages of public schooling far outweigh those of home schooling. As though public schools have a less percentile from overall scores in education. In a common statistics, showed homeschoolers out performed about thirty to thirty-five percentiles than public school (HSLDA). According to Laden, “Home schooling is a way of cheating the system which provides a child with fewer resources of lower quality. Home Schooling provides children with lower teaching qualities“. In regards to the high statistics, it seems that home schooling is taking advantage of educated teaching. Either for the lack of parent teaching skills or because lack of pressure and more flexibility with one’s child. Of course, it becomes cheaper and more protective for a child to be educated at home, but is fair for a child to have less pressure from others and having a better chance to deceive educational work because a parent is more lenient of just giving them the answers right then and there. Education should be taught by certified teachers, that way there being taught and explained with the right fundamental. Hernandez II

Being home schooled will affect the amount of money that goes towards the schools system. Enrollment allows to collect federal funds for each new nose that’s...
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