Educational Differences Between Turkey and the U.S.

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  • Published : December 22, 2011
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Education plays an important role for the people. It is one of the main parts of their life. That they consider the education significant is because they want to have a high level of life. Having a good education provides people a position where they feel happy, comfortable as well as rich. Unfortunately, some students do not have a good education owing to the problems in terms of discrimination, hunger and contagion. Having an education may change according to cultures, even inside a particular country. When it is compared and contrasted between my country and the U.S., there are not only several differences, but also some uniformity in the class. The first educational contrast between these two countries is the behavior of students in the class. In my country, from elementary to high school students always stand up when a teacher comes to the class. It is a kind of greeting style. It also shows our respect toward our teacher. We do the same action again after the teacher leaves the class. As I see that American students do not behave like that. This does not mean that those students do not respect their teacher. It is only related to their culture. The reason of our standing up at the beginning as well as at end of the class is because we have learned that from our elders. For example, if a teacher goes into the class and a student does not stand up, it is absolutely shameful in my country. It also causes a distraction in the class, and the teacher thinks badly about the student. Conversely, it is more different here than in my country is. In America, students do not stand up when a teacher arrives in the class. The second educational contrast between Turkey and the U.S. is about school clothes. In my country, we always wear some special clothes when we go to school because these school uniforms are compulsory. Even if we go to high school, we need to put these particular clothes on. On the other hand, I realized that the students in the U.S. do not have to...
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