Educational Culture of Pakistani Institutions

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Educational Culture of Pakistani Institutions


Ms. Maria Hassan
Term Paper: First Draft

March 26, 2012
Institute of Business Administration (IBA)-Karachi


Theme: Culture & Pakistan
Topic: Culture of Educational Institutions of Pakistan
* Meaning of culture in educational institutions
* The prevailing culture of academies
* The difference in the educational standards in our country * Environment plays the key factor, not the individual
* The policies and the values, make or break the institution * Quoting some examples of our society, concerning the favor and disapproval of the topic * Difference of culture at all levels of education, starting from Primary schools to Higher education institutions. * Producing an extensive research, throwing an adequate amount of light on the culture and environment of an organization, from people of all groups and ages. * The steps and initiatives taken by the authority in prevailing quality culture.

Taha Muhammad Farooqui
BBA 2-4

A famous proverb reads:
“By nature all men are alike, but by education, widely different” Education is the way, through which individuals take part in the act of learning, gaining knowledge and developing their skills. This whole process of educating one’s self is most probably acquired in an institution; an organizational system built for a specific purpose and having a well-defined set of principles and rules, along with a strong belief system and backed by a firm predominate culture. The basic building block in the upbringing and the progress of an institution is its ‘culture’. Culture reflects the way people behave and determines the environment of the place. It is a set of shared values of the people associated with the institution and is also the driving force of every organization. Culture, in educational institutions, is of primary importance. As stated earlier,...
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