Education: a Blessing or Dictatorship

Topics: Education, Teacher, School Pages: 4 (1304 words) Published: April 24, 2013
School systems have tried for years to give us the knowledge that will help us succeed in the real world. What is the “real world” our teachers and professor mention so much? How are we preparing ourselves to survive in a world that is narrowed down by Survival of the Fittest and should we? Personally, education is my escape to a better way of life. It’s a sense of security to succeed in the job industry. I have been told millions of times that nothing or nobody can take the knowledge gained away. Education is a blessing that may lead us to another world which most people don’t have access to know. Education can as well be a curse that exposes new scholars to a different world that was once a wonderful phenomenon.

Education facilities can be compared to military training camps. Both offer a promising future, but in order to succeed, committing to sacrifice is very crucial. They are designed to train one’s mind to think and function in certain. As stated in Rivera’s article “….we go out and find the best talent we can find and then give them great opportunities to row” (25-26). Our government only educates its fellow people to a certain extent. Like in Military, those folks are being taught to be superior in combat. Neither facilities show how horrible or difficult it will be to put these trained skills into a working society. It’s a basic struggle to define where the mind fits among the nation. Deciding what is more important in life is difficult, since the more education someone has the better off they will form in the military world. Family and friends could be miles or days away questioning if education was the right step. In Matute’s article it states, “Hopefully, we like the decisions and are grateful that we made them, but in some cases, we regret the decision”(55). The preference of staying close to home and never truly reaching true potential or exploring what possibility are awaiting on an extensive quest. In Matute’s article it states, “I...
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