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Education online is an increasing element of children’s school lives in 2012. It is increasingly popular and there is a variety of websites teachers use to set homework or extra-curricular activities for children when they are not at school.


Bitesize is an example of a website which children can access from home via the internet to further their learning. It is mostly used by 8-16 year olds. There are different key stages for different ages. There is even a GCSE section for GCSE students in which they can revise from and there is also the option to take a test to ensure they have taken in what they have learnt. Benefits of Bitesize is that there is many different subjects available to revise from English, Maths, Science, Religious Studies, Business and many more. Also it offers links for the radio so you can listen to music whilst revising which majority of students usually find helpful when revising. Another advantage is that it offers audio for children who may not be so good at reading and educational games to encourage children to engage more. A disadvantage however is that it doesn’t include all topics that children study, so it doesn’t cover everything for example some languages.

My maths

My Maths is another example of a website in which children from school can access. It is maths based and as well as revising extra maths to help children at home it can be used for teachers to set homework for students. There are maths games which may help children to understand what they need to learn more efficiently. As it is a different way of teaching it can make it clearer for children who don’t understand in lessons as it used different methods to teach. A disadvantage of my maths however is that it is great for maths but doesn’t offer any other subjects or topics.

Sam learning

Sam learning is another example of a website which helps aid young children’s learning via the internet. It is mostly used for aiding revision for year 11 students...
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