Education & Training for Police Cadets

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  • Published : May 6, 2013
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Education and Training Plan For Peace Officers

As appointed Leader and Director of the Police Academy I have designed a curriculum that encompasses educational and strategic information, that I deem vital to the role of a Peace Officer and the community each individual officer serves in. Upon successful completion of the hiring process the basic training is to commence with the requirements for the State Police Exam in conjunction with all the physical activities; which also includes the following Courses: * Criminal Law

* Firearms Training
* Emergency Vehicle Operation Training
* Drill Instruction
* Traffic Law
* Report Writing
* Crime Investigation
* Domestic Violence
* Defensive Tactics
Amongst all the above courses I would like to comprise a mandated anti-terrorism force protection training course (revised every year) which is to be in a class or hall setting once a year, recertification online every six months and short reminders inputted in the daily muster and to be past on to each shift. I am also adding simulated scenarios with the assistance of Terrorism Task Force Teams and assisting parties i.e., CPFTA, Illinois or

Cook County Departments, schools and libraries. The funding for these training courses would be through fundraisers from community events and concerts. I am also adding basic child development courses that include the basics of nursing, infant and toddler cognition; care giving to help alleviate situations involving children. Psychologies I, II from now will be required due to the variety of environments Peace Officers are exposed to, included are techniques to exercise meta-cognition and meta-memory. I would also like to include Blood-borne Pathogens Safety and Health Topics and ways to deter contamination and spread or contact. I firmly believe that given the arising alarm of threats and gun violence I am mandating that all Police Recruits present their FOID card to their child’s school once...
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