Education the Bedrock to Success

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            What is Education? Is education important in human life, without education or being educated is it possible to get better job. Does anybody here agree with me that education is the bedrock to success or how many people have contrary opinion about it?             Today I will talk about education and how education is important to human being. Education is the training of mind, knowledge acquires skill, and it can be formal or informal. I’ve had people saying education is expensive, that is why they are unable to go to school; According to philosopher said “if education is expensive try ignorance”. What qualifies me to speak on this topic was I have done research on it before coming out to talk about the topic. Let’s consider the following point listed.      Education enhances one’s career choice.

     Without education life is meaningless.
     It is vital for economic management.
Your career is your most valuable financial asset and managing it correctly can you earn millions of dollars income throughout your life time. A key part of making the most of your career is getting a good education. There’s no doubt that education is the key to get a good job and there’s tremendous value in education. It simply gives you a huge advantage versus other without it. Then, when you capitalize on your education by actively managing your career, you’re on your way to financial freedom. What I’m saying in essence is that education sets someone higher, that is the more you go in education the more you earn. For example, According to statistics from UNESCO, an adult with primary or elementary education earns twice as much as an adult without schooling; therefore education will better you life and make you look different from people without education. Furthermore, Education is vital for economic development; with education it is possible for people to be responsible and informed citizens and to have...
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