Education System: Today

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  • Published : May 4, 2011
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Education system: Today
Today’s education system is the most dangerous web that is spreading and strengthening itself in the human society. The word “education” is derived from educare (Latin) "bring up", which is related to educere "bring out", "bring forth what is within", "bring out potential" and ducere, "to lead". So, education basically means to bring out the knowledge of one from their insight. But now days, we are just doing the opposite. We are imposing knowledge of outside into a child’s insight. We are constantly putting in information and knowledge into a person and killing the real self of the person. The person is not the same person anymore; he or she is simply a shadow of their society’s educational system. They have nothing of their own. They lack creativity, originality and intuition. They never speak but the knowledge that the world has put into them speak. They never think but the society that has ‘educated’ them think. We get two types of education; one from the society and one in the school. Well, school is a mere department that the society has developed to impose the knowledge they want to, but in a professional way, also getting some profit out of it. And they sell what they call ‘education’. Knowledge was supposed to be something that is gained through learning, now seems something that is bought from the shop called school in the market called society. We are making schools in the name of providing education. We are not educating, we are simply schooling. We are not bringing something out of a child, we are simply pushing many things inside them .We are killing a human being and producing machines. We make them obey, believe and follow. They are not allowed to think, imagine and understand. So, people do not think today. They hear, see, smell, feel and taste; but they don’t think. Teachers and parents teach a child the things that they believe to be true. They don’t themselves question the knowledge for truth, they only believe things...
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