Education Satisfaction of Oversea Student Critical Review

Topics: Scientific method, Research, Quantitative marketing research Pages: 4 (1209 words) Published: April 9, 2013
1. Introduction
The economy of China has undergone a significant development since joining the World Trade Organisational on December 11, 2001. A vast number of students are able to study abroad, because their families’ income continues increasing. Under this background, Qinggang Wang (2011), who was an associate professor, studied a project “Chinese students’ satisfaction of the study abroad experience”, with his partner Ross Taplin (2011) who was an accredited statistician and Alistair M. Brown (2011) who was an associate editor. Through this research, the theoretical support was provided to people who would like to know how to promote the students’ satisfaction. Therefore, this research paper evaluated the satisfaction of mainland Chinese students who studied in the Chinese Curtin Student Accounting Academic Programme (Wang, Taplin and Brown 2011). As far as I am concerned, this research is usefulness generally, even though there are some weaknesses.

2. Summary
Previous research has almost focused on the influencing factors that mainland Chinese students choose Australia higher education (Yang 2007; Xiaoying and Abbott 2006). However, little research has studied the satisfaction of mainland Chinese students who studied abroad under a theoretical underpinning. Therefore, a study by Wang, Taplin and Brown (2011) was based on social learning theory to evaluate the satisfaction of mainland Chinese students who studied in the Chinese Curtin Student Accounting Academic Programme through analysing three factors which were assumed, preparation, culture and technical teaching. Under this theory, researchers raised a hypothesis: “All three types of variables (cultural, preparedness and technical teaching) are determinants of student satisfaction” (Wang, Taplin and Brown 2011, p. 268). About methodology, in order to study deeply, this research chose a questionnaire which focused on the quantitative techniques. A total of 147 samples that was drawn from the mainland...
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