Education Reform in Hong Kong: 334 System

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Education Reform in Hong Kong: 334 System

There are a number of controversies and debates on recent education reforms in Hong Kong. The most recent and debatable one is 334 Education System in 2012. In the following, it will first briefly look into the old and new education system. Also, it will explore the implications of the new education system to see the causes and consequences.

By 2012, the 334 Education System replaced the 3223 Education System. The two systems are structurally different from each other. For the 3223 Education System (old system), there are three years for middle school (form one to form three), two years for high school (from four to form five), two years for preparatory school (form six to form seven) and three years for university. Also, in the 3223 Education System, there are two external examinations, namely HKCEE and HKALE. For the 334 Education System (new system), it is structurally different. There are three years for secondary school, three years for senior secondary school and four years for university. Compared to the 3223 Education System, there is only one external examination, namely HKDSE. As a result, the 334 Education System replaced the 3223 Education System are structurally different.

First, starting with the context of the 334 Education System, it is useful to explore the implications. In terms of the old education system, it was established during colonial rule, and mirrors that of the United Kingdom. In the past, most secondary schools have followed the British seven-year secondary school curriculum (junior school for three years, high school for two years and pre-university for two years). Following the transfer sovereignty over Hong Kong from the United Kingdom to China in 1997, Hong Kong was preparing to change its education system according to Chinese education system. Although the handover of Hong Kong was in 1997, social change takes a long period to develop, especially non-material culture...
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