Education Provides Security in Life Essay

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Education Provides Security in Life

People like to maintain college education provides a great deal of security. Even if you don't feel like you're particularly interested in studying anything for 4-5 years, it's still better to get a degree in something, just because it will provide more possibilities for you, open some more doors. Education is the key to securing career perspectives, achieving a salary plateau, getting access to the vast store of human knowledge and receiving the requisite skill set to study further.

Firstly, a good education is the way into a prosperous career. Many employers require people to fulfill certain educational requirements before they will consider hiring them. And in certain jobs, it’s a necessity to continue professional training and education in order to progress through your career. Many employers prefer hiring someone with a college degree of some sort, some employers even require than every candidate have at least an associate’s degree. For example, if an employer has a choice of two candidates with equal experience and skill but one has a degree and the other does not, the employer will most likely choose the person with a college degree. Putting it all together, education provides better job security.

Secondly, education can help increase the amount of money one earns during lifetime. By enabling it, one has the opportunity for a better job or starting the career at a higher level. On average, entry level jobs for employees with a diploma pay up to 100% more than ones for high school graduates. It’s not uncommon for someone with a university degree to land on a $4,000 per month salary, while a high school diploma can’t bring more than $2,500. Overall, education can help one make more money.

Further, a well-rounded education increases one's general knowledge: just being able to read and write provides access to the vast store of human knowledge in the form of...
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