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Planning Education; Lighting the Path to Health
University of Phoenix
Beth Meadows, RN, MSN, NCSN
October 16.2011

Planning Education; Lighting the Path to Health
A nursing care plan is the basis for providing the best possible care for patients. It outlines a specific set of actions that a nurse follows to help the patient resolve a nursing problem, which was identified during an assessment. The plan of care’s elements focus on a set of actions, with outcomes that are measureable. It is designed to solve or minimize problems, which were previously identified. Care plans are systematic, relate to future actions and should be holistic, focusing on the needs of the person as a whole and not just physical illness. When planning care, a nurse should have input from the patient while determining priorities. What is taught will depend much upon what the patient is able and willing to learn. According to Chang and Kelly, (2007), The nurse facilitates learning for patients and families by motivating the participants. Success is highly dependent on developing a trusting relationship. The nurse must identify what the participants value. Values are individualized, culturally determined, and will differ for each patient. Much of a plan of care focuses on education. Deciding what education would be beneficial for a client is part of what a nurse assesses and plans for in a care plan. This paper will discuss an educational plan for the “T” family, which is based upon a Friedman Family Assessment, community resources gathered during the windshield survey and the family’s input into their unique plan of care. A Nurse's Role in Education People who are informed can make better decisions with regard to health practices and medical interventions. Nurses provide education to patients which can improve outcomes. According to Wingard, (2005), who cites Rankin & Stallings, (2001). The nursing process provides a method for individualizing patient care and

education for each patient and event. The first step in this process is a nursing

assessment: the process of collecting data to identify the needs and problems

of an individual patient and family. In the assessment process, the nurse collects

information from various sources, validates this information, sorts and categorizes

data, and summarizes or interprets it. The end product--a nursing diagnosis of

educational need--is a judgment based on sound data and information. (pg. 1).

Education is an integral part of nursing-its importance cannot be stressed enough by this writer.

For without communication and teaching, patients may not be aware of specific interventions

they might use to help improve their situations and health. A nurse can provide optimal

education for a patient by setting goals and objectives that are realistic. The individuality of

education plans, tailored to the patients’ ages, gender, culture, spirituality, physical abilities

and/ or any deficits is also an important aspect of educational planning (Wingard,2005).

Educational Needs

There were several educational needs identified during the family’s assessment, in which the

following three nursing diagnoses were developed and determined to be a priority. The first of

these diagnoses is Risk for Caregiver Role Strain, related to a high probability of long duration

of caregiving and high needs of the care recipients, as evidenced by lack of caregiver respite

and/or recreation. This nursing diagnosis would be well served by an educational approach

focusing on the importance of having a support system, and some time for personal activities

and hobbies. The signs...
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