Education Opens Doors

Topics: Learning, Mind, Education Pages: 2 (708 words) Published: November 19, 2012
“Education opens doors”. Do you agree?
I strongly agree that education opens doors. Education provides us with the opportunity to learn new skills and to meet new people in order to share ideas and discover and develop new concepts. For people, it opens up a world of opportunities, reduces the burden of disease and poverty, and gives greater voice in society. For nations, it opens doors to economic and social prosperity, spurred by a dynamic workforce and well –informed citizenry able to compete and cooperate in the global arena. Education can be the difference between a life of grinding poverty and the potential for a full and secure one; between a child dying from preventable disease, and families raised in healthy environments; between orphans growing up in isolation, and the community having the means to protect them; between countries ripped apart by poverty and conflict, and access to secure and sustainable development.

The education and skills we acquire affect all aspects of our lives. They have a decisive influence on our ability to find and keep a job, our capacity to take part in society, our social status and self-esteem, our family relationships and our ability to help our children through school. Better educated and more skilled people are more likely to be in work, earn more and contribute more productively to the local economy and community. Knowledge and skills provide individuals with their surest route into work and prosperity, helping to eradicate the causes of poverty and division in society. Education must also recognise that for particular minority groups other factors including discrimination, contribute to underachievement and compound its effects.

Today, the value of education, in general, is highly underestimated. Education has minor as well as major purposes. However, the importance of education is quite clear. Education is the knowledge of putting one’s potentials to maximum use. A human being is not in the proper sense...
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