Education Make the Man Perfect

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Education Make the Man Perfect

Education is a tool which not only injects few philosophies, science of the world but also shapes us to be flexible and react to different situations in our life.

Through education, those real qualities of human are indulged by being taught about values in life.

Education makes us independent as we get to know in & outs of most of the practical things in life which sometimes helps us to employ ourselves through the same.

Education directs us innovative ideas in respective fields and let us discover more in the same.

It gives us the ability of understanding others human beings, their minds, etc.. Yes Education also helps in making a man perfect.

Though India has made some progress in the field of education, the actual thrust is still missing. Most of the schools are still in the era of black boards and chalk piece imparting education, whereas the need of the hour is the technology education through digital learning.

We are yet to dispense with the practice of giving home work on useless materials which always takes more time out of the student but the result is nil as he already studied the same material in the class room.

And we have the habit of segregating the good, average and dull students in the class. That is very bad practice. Everyone has been sent to the school for learning and we cannot degrade a student because he is less extrovert. Every student is very intelligent provided we give the education to his understanding level.

Education is beneficial to all. Whether it makes man perfect or not, if properly utilised, education refines character and conduct especially in social conduct and communication. It opens doors of knowledge. "Education is capital to the poor; and interest to the rich". It is the most important wealth one can possess.
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