Education Main Problems and Differences Between U.S and Brazil

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  • Published : March 9, 2011
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Education main problems and differences between U.S.A and Brazil Education is one of vast fields of the socialization process, but like any social process or almost all branches and by various theories or studies, I would like to lease this study on inequality in education in Brazil, having as a mirror to Education in the U.S. and other countries cited as a reflection of the theory of conflict, confirming my thoughts on Karl Marx. Because of his vision (Karl Marx) social strata. The theme of education did not occupy a central place in Marx's work. He did not formulate an explicit theory of education, much less methodological principles and guidelines for the teaching-learning process. We know that his main concern was the study of socio-economic and political development in the historical process. However, the education issue is inevitably enmeshed in his work. Marx, along with Engels, wrote about the training and education to which the concept of education is linked with the horizon of social and economic relationships that era. Thus, to understand what their perspective in the analysis of the phenomenon of education must pass by their way of understanding society. "Inequality is the force that drives the conflict." Inequality in to see her strength as a factor that has the power of coercion, which exercises an influence and control over another, and produces, as in this case study that is Brazil, a social disorder, which reflects the social world in seconds its contradictions. The contradictions that manifest themselves in ways distend worldwide. And since we can not fail to mention that so expressed as an inequality and if the quality of education in Brazil, which today we can visualize them in different ways. As an example, people who leave Brazil to specialization courses abroad. Teachers who even taking their curricula several years of classroom, We're choosing to change careers, even up to attend another university to feel prestigious but what they do. But we can not fail to see a whole trail of people who remain in Brazil, but are formed manpower with little quality. According to Veja magazine (June 17, 2009), 46% of teachers say their biggest difficulty is to contain the indiscipline and arouse students' attention, 52% admit students with aggressive attitudes, being ironic or crude, 47% have suffered verbal aggression in the classroom and 11% had to be physically abused. The violence that surrounds the schools affects all social classes but is more prevalent in poorer neighborhoods. The reason, experts say, is the lack of family structure and lack financial and emotional that often leads to a degradation of moral and ethical values that guide society. Another difficulty that teachers face is that many of these are specialists in one area and teach in another, due to lack of professors or is, are teachers who graduated in other areas and are in classrooms, teaching things they have not studied in their degree. The most critical situation is in the arts discipline, followed by geography, mathematics and foreign language. The student body

The student is a social worker who takes it to school a lot of experience accumulated at home, at work, club, church, etc.. These experiences of everyday life make the student able to reconstruct the concepts expressed by the teacher. It is this contrast between the experience of the teacher and student experience that the knowledge is. Being a student today is to be the agent of knowledge elaboration and this only happens when a student debate, demands of his teacher, when the questions. The student comes with a big luggage of knowledge, especially with regard to new technologies.

There are two distinct classes among students in elementary and high school. Students rich and poor students. Students studying in private schools rich. Surely the children of politicians, industrialists, lawyers, big businessmen (nobility and high bourgeoisie in general) as usual getting...
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