Education Is the Key to My Happiness and Success

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The single most important choice that I have to make in order to be happy and successful is to complete my education. Without an education, I do not feel that I will accomplish all of my goals. If I do not complete my education, I feel that I will be letting my family down and I will never achieve true happiness.

As a wife and mother, my family is first in my life. By choosing to obtain my degree, I feel that I am securing my family’s financial well-being. I want to set an example for my children, to be a role model and mentor. I want my children to choose education and strive for their personal best in all that they do. The best way to accomplish this is to set the stage for them and show them the way to happiness and success. Choosing to complete my education will allow me to do all of this.

As I embark on the journey of education, I will keep in mind that time management and organizational skills are crucial. I must remain focused and detail oriented throughout my college career. I will not procrastinate, but will stay on top of my studies. I will accept nothing less than the best that I can do, in everything that I do. My goal is to maintain a 4.0 grade point average every semester. I will not fail in my quest for happiness and success.

I strive to always look toward the future and focus on my happiness and success. I imagine myself graduating with a Bachelor’s Degree and the pride that I will feel as I walk across the stage to accept my diploma. I think of my husband beaming with joy, my children and parents cheering me on. I picture a successful career as a business professional and my heart swells with joy. I look forward to owning my own business and applying the skills that I am learning in college to real-life situations. These wonderful feelings keep me going when the going gets tough.

Choosing to go back to school later in life has not been an easy decision. I readily admit that I have struggled with periods of doubt and...
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