Education Is Only Business in India

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"Education is only business in India-comment"
With the increase in population the ratio of school growing children is one of the highest in the world. And having seen that many business minds have come up with a new industry. This is the Education Industry which is one of the fastest growing industries of India and has made a lot of people very happy. These business visionaries have come up with the new ideas of providing education to all students, whether it is teh A Grade student or the common D Grade students. We have all types of institutions promising bright futures to the GenNxt. But in spite of the fact that we have multiple new B schools opening, Engineering Colleges, Coaching Institutes and schools. Students are scared of passing out and not finding jobs in their preferred industry. So they start taking safe decisions going only for Medical, Engineering and Administration streams, helping the coaching institutes in making loads of money. People need B school tag to get jobs. It becomes a means of earning income to people who want to profit from it. Education is being made a business these days. This is mainly due to the increase the number of schools and colleges. Privatisation of educational institutions is also one more cause for it. The effects of it are like two sides of a coin, one is more people are to study and get degrees, and the second one is they concentrate only on intelligent students. They make them as a group and they are taught by professors for getting better results, leaving average students to be taught by junior lecturers. Every one wants to seek a multinational career and making loads of money. Most of the time the career of a child is pre decided by the parents and they never get the chance to explore their options and find out what makes them happy, rather than doing what was pre decided for them. They end up studying, going to the coaching classes, preparing for the entrance exams and then studying the subject matter. The...
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