Education Is Not for Everyone

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  • Published : April 11, 2007
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Education is not for everyone
Even though I agree that people should go to school to get an education and better themselves, I also think that people can not go to school and also better themselves. I recently read an editorial and it talked about how people need an better education, mainly an college one, in order to get an a really good job, I do not believe that is right. I think that people can not go to school and also find good jobs like construction workers, some basketball and football players, etc., also some people think that if they try to get a higher education they might fail at trying to achieve an higher education, and some people are content with where they are in life so they feel no need to pursue one.

The first reason I think education is not for everyone, is that the city pays a lot of money to people who help out in the city, "city jobs" as they call them. There are a lot of things people can do with in the city for money. They can do things like work in construction, pick up garbage. Some people even go on to become great basketball, football, and baseball players with out going to college, so as you can see you really do not need an higher education to have a good job.

Then we have those people who are scared to even try at a higher education. They think that if they do go on and pursue a higher education that they are going to fail, which is true in most cases, but not all, at it. So, they find good paycheck jobs and become happy with what they have and settle for that. Which is a good thing, because if they are not happy with that job they try and find another job and another until they find one that suits their needs. Which brings me to my next statement that some people are content with they have.

My last reason for education not being for everyone is that, some people don't need a higher education because they are happy with what they have and they fell that they do not need more than they have. I feel that this is a...
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