Education Is Necessary to Alleviate Poverty.

Topics: Education, Higher education, Africa Pages: 4 (1458 words) Published: March 26, 2011
As South Africa looks to alleviate its situation of poverty, education is a viable option, for its people to be equipped with necessary skills to break out of this vicious cycle of poverty. These necessary skills and knowledge should be of bare minimum for its people to step out into the working community, and work towards a knowledge-based economy. To a certain extent, I agree with the statement.

Firstly, the government did not counter the problems faced in effective education, which resulted in a low quality of education in South Africa. This can be seen through assessments of the students in areas such as reading, literature, mathematics, science or computer technology. In all testing of the students in the past 12 years-reading and literature abilities, mathematics and science, or computer technology-South Africa is last compared to its international counterparts. (Mail & Guardian, 2007) Despite the government’s vast spending on education and an extensive period of 13 years for educational policies to be implemented after the Apartheid, which exacerbated the education conditions, there seems to be little fruit borne. Judging by the poor results of the educational evaluations, the South African students are not sufficiently aided in the learning process, and consequently are not equipped with relevant knowledge in their school curriculum. Therefore, many South African students would have problems attaining tertiary levels of education instrumental to them procuring key roles in the knowledge-based sectors of the economy, for them to reverse the trend of poverty. As such, the citizens are trapped in the realm of low-quality skills, making them not viable in competing for job opportunities. Without better-paying jobs, they are hence not able to break out of poverty. In fact, only 3% of the adult population has a university-type degree, compared to an average of 9.2% for emerging-market countries. (Mail & Guardian, 2007) Hence, the primary foundational...
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