Education in Victorian

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  • Published : March 8, 2013
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Education in Victorian Era
Nowadays, people get educated easily although they are upper class, middle class or low class. Do people think why will they get educated easily? Is that a normally happen or some people made that happen? Education in Victorian Era was not normally. They don’t get educated like us, although the middle class people just get the basic education which mean the grammar and the English words. People get educated much easier during Victorian Era than before the Victorian Era in England. In Victor Era, education change becoming more important and easier to get educated.

In the Victorian Era, the schools had many rules to say who can go to school and who cannot. People will not get education until they are upper class like noble. If the people who are rich, but they are not a noble, they can engage a teacher to teach their children in the house however those educations are the Basic English which is the English that understand the word (1 p.20-22). Those children could not read a book because they just the word, those teachers do not know too. If the teachers know how, they will not be there and will not be a teacher because before the Victorian Era, if people get good education, they must get rich because not many people work for the bank or the government if they do not know good English. Before the Victorian Era, public school is not for everyone. Those public schools are the school for upper class because if people want to go to school there, they have to people a lot of money. There have some rules that is so unfair with the teacher which is public school cannot have any female teachers. The goal of the schools is train those boys to be a leader. People will try to give their children good education as much as possible if they can because they can promise that their children will get rich really easy.

Because of the education system, the effect form this system made those people focus on boys. Most girls also cannot go to school...
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