Education in Renaissance Europe and China

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Education in Renaissance Europe and China
Renaissance and Chinese educational systems have both benefited my generation in very different ways. Ideas from both of these educational systems effected and influenced our lives today.
Education in Renaissance Europe benefited children in different ways. First, girls were allowed to attend school as well. This created a learning opportunity for everyone. In contrast, at that time China did not allow women to receive education, thus, removing their rights to learn. The Renaissance educated women so that they can do things in a more effective way. It enhanced their skills in sewing, poetry, art, and music. Besides domestic arts like cooking, weaving, and spinning wool; it also taught the nuns how to read and write. People in the Renaissance understood that everyone had the same potential to be successful if one person gets a good education and works hard. By giving females the chance to learn, many women have become something great and have benefited the country in many ways. Second, the Renaissance was not as harsh as the Chinese. The Chinese punished students who were not “perfect” in their studies. It is wrong to teach students they should be miserable and unhappy with themselves unless they reach a level of great knowledge. Lastly, the Renaissance showed us that there is more to education then just academics. Their curriculum involves a more thorough study of arithmetic, logic, philosophy, and foreign languages such as Greek and Latin. Not only the academic subjects, but the students of certain classes had the opportunity to learn swordsmanship, riding, arts of war, and dancing. Thus, people who are not good in academics can develop other talents.

While the Renaissance educational system is completely different from the Chinese system, it does not mean one was better then the other. The Chinese system benefited children in many ways as well. First, the Chinese were not biased when it came to imperial...
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