Education in Prison

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  • Published : January 31, 2011
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Education In Prisons
Alexander Shumate
January 29, 2011
Ms. Sanders
Ethical and Critical Thinking


My paper will bring to articles about education in the prison system. One article will give reasons why prisons should offer education to inmates. While the other article will give reason why they should not. Many people have different feelings on the subject and may have some good points.

Should education be offer in the prisons? Or should we allow prisoners to just keep the same main frame they went in to the prison system with? There many opinions that say prisoner use there education to further their criminal activity. By having more education and a better understanding they can do more and have a better chance of not getting caught. While say that by having them get an education they have a better chance of not recommitting crimes again. This is because they feel by having get more education can have a better chance of getting a job and making a better life for them selves.

My paper will discuss whether or not prisoner should be giving education while they are incarcerated. I will bring two articles to the fore front of may paper and discuss the main points of their papers. While due to the fact that I can only summarize their papers I will bring the main points in my own words and my own personal understanding. Due to nature of this subject views and point are those of the two authors and not of my own.

The first article I am going to write about is from James S, Vacca. He is pro education in prison. James Vacca is the Chair of Special Education and Literacy at C.W. Post College in Long Island. His views is that prisoner who get an education while they are incarcerated can become more productive in society because have the knowledge to better their lives so they won’t have to commit crimes to proved for their family. He believes that effective educational programs help the prisoner with many skills that a person needs to live in...
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