Education in Nigeria

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  • Published : May 18, 2013
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Factors Influencing Education in Northern Nigeria


The aim of every country in establishing the quality education starts in the availability for all. A well developed country promise much more of the other countries can promise in terms of quality education. Sometimes, the countries that have a good quality of education usually serve better opportunities. On the other hand, the developing countries are still on planning to catch up with the other successful countries. This kind of attitude is not good for the other countries but because the developing is ready to commit on the challenges of the development and other factors of globalization, even if the entire country is not ready, the quality education can be hard to attain.  

Background and Problem Statement

Different researches about the quality education create a great impact on the concern of the developing countries to provide the quality of education. Nigeria, as one of the developing countries, is not an exceptional country in terms of achieving the quality of education. Furthermore, the Nigerian economy is still looking for additional effort or innovative program to improve the quality of their education and its availability. In addition, this is not the only problem being faced by the developing countries. Education is a vital requirement in the development of children and education is also important in making the economy strong. Therefore identifying the different factors that affect the education in Nigeria is a significant initial step for the country that attempts to reach the quality in education.

Research Objectives

The objective of the study focus on the main topic of the study and that is determining the different factors that influence the education in the Northern part of Nigeria. In the fulfillment of this objective, the Nigeria can have more confidence in delivering the quality education in their country.

Research Questions...
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