Education in Nazi Germany

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  • Published : July 23, 2007
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Nazi Germany

Adolf Hitler and the Nazi party heavily focused their attention and effort towards the German youth. It was Hitler's goal to create a super race of pure young, Aryan men so that the country would be ready for a long European war, where the Nazi's wished to expand their empire. They did this by changing what children learnt in school and creating certain youth groups for both girls and boys. These changes in the education and youth structures largely affected the mind set and life style of the young Germans. In order to promote and ensure the success of these education and youth movements, the Nazi government used propaganda and indoctrination in movements. Prior to the Nazi government coming to power, the education was similar to that of any other country, with unbiased information being taught to the young German students. Also young Germans, including Jews, were able to choose an out of school youth group and were not forced to participate in these school or the youth groups. The policies initiated by the Nazi's once they cam to power were working effectively in creating a strong, healthy and loyal future German race up until their defeat in 1945, when the Nazi's and their ideologies were destroyed and banished.

During the transition of power from the Social Democratic Party to the Nazi Party, Hitler introduced many changes to the Germany, especially in education. The Nazi's overall goal for the youth was to create an Aryan "super race" prepared for war in the future and to create loyal Nazi's by the time the young Germans reached adulthood. There were four main pillars of the national school and education system; these pillars were race, military training, leadership and religion. In the reorganised educational system, young boys were mainly taught German military history and physical fitness. PE took up about 15% of classes during the school week. The long term aim for these policies for the young German boys...
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