Education in Electronic Media

Topics: Film editing, Academic degree, Media Pages: 2 (726 words) Published: November 15, 2010
A career in electronic media offers unlimited exciting opportunities. From broadcasting production, to animation to, to video game design, to digital and film editing there are numerous ways to make your electronic media career creative and exciting. With video games one of the top entertainment sources for youth and adults, there is an increasing opportunity for the video game savvy and creative types to enter the field of video game design and production. The job market for these positions is competitive, so it’s worth the time to invest in a solid degree program to give you the skills you need to be considered for employment. Today, a number of universities and media institutions are offering degree and diploma programs in Electronic Media having specialization in Camera, Editing, Anchoring, Production and Design. A formal education in electronic media will teach you the software programs that the industry uses and will also give you the opportunity to start experimenting with creation. A degree in computer graphics can help you enter the electronic media field in a number of ways. You may become a graphic designer and specialize in web design and online marketing or by having a major in digital art you may use your talents to develop CD-ROMS, video games and websites. As a digital artist, one can develop his/her skills with software programs and may also learn illustration and graphic design techniques. There are also digital and editing opportunities in the film industry. There are also editing and production opportunities in the television industry. Broadcast news, television sitcoms and animated commercials or shows all require editing. You education will give you hands-on experience in design, editing and animation techniques, while also providing you with the opportunity to test your skills and find the electronic media career that suits you best.

People with creativity excellent communication skills and a zest to do something different, can build a...
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