Education in America

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  • Published : September 30, 2008
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The American education system has drastically declined due to a rise in mediocrity. At one time, America was the world leader in technology, service, industry, everything, but it seems that overconfidence and dormancy has caused our nation to fall behind the progressively growing competitive market in the world in regards to education. Other countries have a national standard for goals, requirements, and regulations. Currently, our education system is regulated by the states which implement their own curriculum, set their own requirements, and these findings reflect the need for change. Problems in education never end, so we need to keep changing and adapting. In this essay I will discuss the problems Horace Mann had with education, along with discussing current education problems in the fields of goals, nationalist and corporation influences, and the need for more supplies, books, teachers, classrooms—funding.

Horace Mann was raised in a rural environment in Massachusetts. He was not wealthy yet succeeded like any other. He graduated from Brown University and pursued a career in law and politics. Disheartened by the conditions of the state’s public school system, he pursed a career in education only to become secretary of the Massachusetts’s Board of Education. He has changed the school system so much that there are many schools named after him, in fact in San Diego, we have a Horace Mann Middle School. Under physical education he wanted the basics. He wanted sanitary intelligence and cleanliness. This meant better health and life standards. Politically, Mann believed that people need to be aware of politics and government. He wanted people to participate in voting and those who participated actively should recognize “the nature and functions of the government”. He also believed that people should be religiously educated and after being educated choose ourselves whether this is an important aspect to our lives. With the time education takes, morals is...
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