Education in America

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Education in America

By | June 2012
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Shinyoung Kim
Prof. Culver
English 1A T/Th
Apr. 3. 2012
Education in the America

Most of people spend a lot of their childhood in school and in company of their teachers. In spite of teacher is very important job to children who study and make a dream, people do not know about importance of teacher. As well as, education is very important to everybody but people neglect a poor education’s environment in America. Although majority of us are already relized the importance of education that plays in one’s life, America is currently facing an educational crisis that is contradictory to our knowledge and high-standing of America as a nation in the world. America generally admired and respected by other nations; however, when it comes to educational standard, America has been falling more and more behind other developed nations. For example, whereas a typical middle school student can solve complicated algebraic problems in some Asian countries, middle school students in America do not know the concept of random variable “x”. Nowadays, there are several challenges facing education in America. One of the biggest challenge is nobody the extremely importance of education. We can find the reasons easily how the American ignore about education. First, people ignore the teacher. Teacher is received admired and respected is not. Teacher also is not a priory job in America because teacher pay is too low, although they do a important work what teacher spend usually more than 35hours per week with our children. In ‘Idiot Nation’ by Michael Moore, a teacher take care our precious children everyday but they get an average of 41,351 dollars per year while a congressman get 145,100 dollars only one night from a cigarette lobbyist in return for taking care the cigarette lobbyist. In addition, people do not respect and admire teacher. Neither newspaper nor mass media report the provocative news what people get rage about the teacher’s attitude and these are going down the...

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