Education for Sustainability Program

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Education for Sustainability Program

Unit 2 Course work

Processes and Management of Change

A report for government proposing strategies for developing Education for Sustainability in the school curriculum.

LSBU Reg # 2935074

January 2011


1.1 Preamble
Elimination of poverty and progress towards sustainable development in developing countries will only take place if there are increased and improved levels of education. Education enables people to use their capabilities, and increase their earning potential, but most fundamentally, it empowers individuals to generate and participate in the transformation of lives in society. The Tanzania basic education master plan defines education as the heart of development (BEMP 2005 pp 3). Further more, in the 2009/10 government budget; the education sector continues to remain highest in the priority sectors list, with its budget share at 18.5 percent of the total government budget.

Having such a reality and circumstances which accounts for the potentiality of education, the key questions has always been what kind of education brings about sustainable development in our communities, what curriculum content should always be adopted and many other of the like. This report is directed to the Tanzania institute of education (TIE), a government body which is responsible in designing, implementing and evaluating schools curriculum. The report describes the concept of Education for sustainability and suggests how it can be reflected and integrated in the school curriculum in bringing about education change.

Education for sustainability itself has been defined differently by various scholars. Cullen et al (1998) defines Education for sustainability as a lifelong learning process that leads to an informed and involved citizenry having the creative problem-solving skills, scientific and social literacy, and commitment to engage in responsible individual and cooperative actions. It generally describes present perspectives in teaching and learning about local, national and global questions and problems about the role of education in promoting knowledge, values and skills that can help create sustainable environments for all people.

Justification to embark and practice education for sustainability is clear. The current education system and the curriculum give inadequate community involvement, sustainable resources mobilization and environment planning for present and future generations. The system focuses to train an individual on skills and knowledge required mainly for employment and livelihood, with minimal or no intervention on sustainable development. For example, the vision 2025 of the ministry of education in Tanzania, states that the education system focuses on promoting a science and technological culture from its lowest levels. Basic sciences and mathematics are accorded great importance in keeping with the demands of the modern technological age without losing sight of the humanities. From this note, the education for sustainability usually goes beyond that, it insist on collaborative efforts in education, to meet the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.

1.2 Education for sustainability and school curriculum. Theory of change Kondalkar 2007 proposed “Three Stage Model of the change process for moving the organization from present position to the changed position. The stages are unfreezing, changing through cognitive restructuring and refreezing”(p 293).Unfreezing involves creating of motivation and readiness for change to the public on the meaning and importance of Education change. The only way this can be done is through the use and manipulation of the school curriculum.

In Tanzania as it is in the world, curriculum is the major element by which an education policy is expressed in the practice of education. In its broadest sense...
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