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  • Published : April 29, 2013
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Education and My Future
As John F Kennedy said, “A child miseducated is a child lost.” ( Education plays a very important role in my future; I will use it for my entire life. My education will affect me personally, professionally and it will affect my society. My education will affect me professionally because I can get a better, higher paying job that allows me to support myself by buying my own house and other things. My education will help on a personal level because it will help me learn life skills like dealing with different people from all over the world and different cultures. It will also help me learn how to deal with people of different needs. Finally you can use your education to help your society. I can use my education to help me with my profession because I can get better, higher paying jobs. I found in my research that employers are more likely to employ someone of a higher education level over someone who has a less of an education. For example, if two different people where applying for the same job and one person had only a college diploma, and the other had both a college diploma and went to graduate school, the employer is likely to hire the second person who went to both college and grad school. Another reason education can help me in my professional future is I will learn things that I will 100% use later in my life. In school you learn things such as math, social studies, Spanish and technology. I may not find myself relying on technology unless I become a construction worker or I may not use social studies unless I get a history major. However you will most definitely use things such as math and Spanish. Everybody, everywhere uses math. Even if one’s life job is a cashier at McDonalds, math is a necessity. I will use you education to help my society because research shows that: “Societal benefits of a workforce with greater educational attainment and skills can be traced to the enhanced worker...
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