Education Empowers Women

Topics: Woman, Education, School Pages: 2 (847 words) Published: January 24, 2011
Education empowers women. To prevent a problem from aggravating shouldn’t we start from the root of it? The beauty of education is that it allows us to work with the root- Girls. Empowering girls with education can show girls that femininity does not entail docility instead a women can be assertive and at the same time exude femininity. With this mindset, women would more likely stand up for themselves. Only when women and girls in these poor countries are given their due education would they be willing to stand up for their rights. Education not only allows adolescent females to stand up against unjust actions towards them it is also a way out of poverty. An ifidiof cocktail of repressive patriarchal belief about female worth, sexual abuse, human trafficking, child labor and child marriage practices prevent girls from ever developing the skills they need to escape poverty only education shines a small light leading them away from poverty. Think about it, if a girl was given the education, she has a chance of surviving outside her village. Let’s say she finishes high school and is given a small scholarship to study university in the capital. After she finishes university, she manages to get a job and starts sending in money to her family. Soon enough, her family would be able to buy food and necessities escaping the rut of poverty. That woman has broken the cycle of poverty. The return on a country’s investment in its women is enormous. Investment in girls’ education, especially secondary education, yields high returns in the form of increased wages it also increases their standing in the household. Until women are numerate and literate, it is difficult for them to start a business or contribute meaningfully to their nation’s economy, therefore if a country wants to prosper, it would be wise to start investing in women’s education. People might say that if a boy was given the same education he might be able to do the same however the majority of man after getting...
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