Education Difference

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  • Published : May 24, 2013
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Education Difference
Every single one on earth agrees with the point that education is the key to be successful. With that in mind, no one disagree that education plays an important role in a country’s improvement progress. Although, education became the main focus in each country, but they all have different education system. I was born in China, and went to school in my homeland, and was lucky enough to have a chance to begin my middle school life in United State. In my point of view, there are two main differences between Chinese education and American education. The first difference between these two countries is class set out. In China, we have fix class, which let students stay in only one class for rest the day. We also have a head teacher serves as our counselor who takes care of basic items for us. It’s easy for head teacher to control students under a fix class since each of them only take care one class. Head teacher can easily take attendance and memorize all the students in his or her class. Unlike China, America has open class, which let students switch their class with their personal schedule during the passing time. Students may have new classmates in each class, within this class set out; students can work with more people. As a result, students can develop their relationships well with other people. Another difference in these countries is the grading scale. When I was in China, my homework does not worth any points, but teachers require students to finish it, otherwise they will call our parents. Sometime, we will get after school detention for not doing homework. Incidentally, teachers believe in merit pay, and uses exam grade as the evaluation. For instant, when ninth graders leave middle school to go to high school, they require students to take an exam to see which high school they can qualify. If they failed this exam, they cannot move to the next grade level. In contrast, homework is worth partial points in America, which depends on...
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