Education and School Uniforms

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SFPS Teacher’s Day a Success

San Francisco Parish School’s celebration of Teacher’s day last January 25, 2012 was a resounding success. Our school, showed their appreciation of Teacher’s day in variety ways, we organized a big programmed in our school, and we performed dance and skits and singing songs for them. Also we have bought gift for our teachers. And also the program was organized by the Central Board of Students.

The program was created to honor the men and women who inspire, challenge and nurture out youth to show our gratitude for their countless hours, sweats and tears, and their unwavering commitment to all Franciscans.

A different special numbers conducted by the students from different grade levels, also the High School, highlighted the program. Teacher’s day program was held by the lead of CBS. Franciscans had a blast at our farewell- cum Teacher’s day at our campus.


Uniforms benefit Students *first choice ng title*
School uniforms bridge the socioeconomic gap between the students *2nd
Irritating commercials for proper school clothing to reinforce the excellent idea of requiring students to wear proper uniforms. Add years of disappointing test scores and increasing violence and bullying in school to that list.

Many school districts across the country have instituted uniforms resounding success and support from parents, teachers and students.
First and foremost, school uniforms bridge the socioeconomic gap between the students. They set a professional tone for learning and help the students self – esteem.
For those who still don’t believe in the benefits, consider important role of you for being a student. Critics who argue school uniforms crimp our youngster’s self – expression or individuality are mistaken that wearing ‘attention – getting’ T – shirt or dropsy pants are examples of “non – conformity” part of school is learning that self expression and individuality comes from within.

What school...
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