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Talking during class distracts other and shows no respect towards the teacher. A class is about 40 minutes long, when one student talks the teacher has to stop teaching and punish the student. This takes time from the lesson. Because the student was talking now everyone has to wait and they will not be learning. Therefore, it doesn't affect the one who was talking but also everyone else in the class.

When someone starts talking they don't understand what they are causing themselves. Students that talk usually get points off. Their grades drop, also they are likely to fail most tests and quizzes. They won't understand the homework or may not know they even had homework. In addition, they may not have all their notes so won't be able to study for tests. Furthermore, they might get dentition which will lower their chances in going to the college they want, also can get a call home to their parents. Students that talk should understand that the teacher is only trying to help them and wants them to pass the class.

Students that talk are disrespecting teachers and other student that may want to learn. Teachers have all ready finish school and want their students to finish as well. Teachers have gone to college to learn how to teach a class. They should have respect and attention from all students. When a student talks it shows the teacher that they don't care about the lesson, for that reason the teacher may not listen to the student when they need something. Additionally, the teachers may not have enough time to finish teaching the rest of the class because of the punishment of the student talking. The rest of the class has gone to school to learn something that day and may not because of the consequences of the one student that was talking.

In conclusion, I will like to say that students shouldn't talk in class because it is shows that they think they are more important than others. In the end it doesn't only hurt them but others too. Another reason why...
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