Education and Forthcoming English Olympiad

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Attention Students!!!
  P.T.M.T.T.I wishes to inform all teacher trainees the details of the forthcoming English Olympiad 2012 on 12th Dec 2012 at T.T.I Auditorium.                                        Items for competition 1. Skit

2. Choreography       
3. Book Review
4. Group discussion                               Details
1. A Skit of about 15 minutes can be staged by 10 participants. The dialogue, stage settings etc. should be decided by the Trainees under the guidance of Teachers. Theme: Human Values
2. A poem composed by a student /a group of students of the school may be staged. Maximum 10 students can participate among whom not less than two students may be for recitation. Theme: Love. (Time. 10 Minutes)

3. Book Review.
Three Books will be suggested for reading. The selected student can read the books and come prepared to answer the questions of the panel of judges. Time: 10 Minutes. Books will be informed.

4. Group Discussion. Time: 20 Minutes
A group of ten trainees will be selected to participate in the discussion. G.D.Topic will be announced on the spot. Evaluation: All the items will be assessed based on the criteria in the English Source books. The decision of the judges will be final and may not be questioned. Please register the name and the participating items by 5th Nov 2012 to Smt. Sheeba Rani, Club Convener. Best of luck to all participants! R,Anu Krishnan,

Teacher Educator.
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