Education and Fast Growing Society

Topics: Education, Female, Gender Pages: 1 (276 words) Published: February 14, 2013
The co-educational system has always been an issue of great controversy. Its supporters claim that separating boys from girls is completely unrealistic since schools are supposed to depict society and prepare children to become its active members. On the other hand, those not in favor of it claim argue that single-sex schools are more effective since they are adapted to each sex’s needs and features. There is little doubt that single-sex schools may be more targeted to each sex’s traits. For example, boys’ schools are stricter in order to achieve discipline while girls’ schools focus on teaching them major principals that will help them lead a successful life not only as professionals but also as family leaders later in life. In addition, boys and girls tend to distract each other during the lesson and therefore make it difficult to concentrate. I am of the opinion that co-education has more to offer to the modern society. First of all, single-sex schools are utterly out-of-date and belong to the past when boys and girls socializing was considered immoral. Nowadays, that both sexes are equal, the mentality of creating and maintaining separate educational facilities is unacceptable. Moreover, having girls and boys in the same environment promotes their competitiveness in a creative way which leads to a high quality learning process. In a final analysis, co-education has proved to be more suitable in answering the increasing demands of our fast growing society. Considering how hard women have fought over the years to gain their rights, wouldn’t it be unfair to have separate schools?

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