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  • Published : January 15, 2014
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Coming into mathematics for elementary educators with my classmates, everyone had some type notion of what this course consists of. For most people math is a very hard and complex subject that requires complicated rules that a person would never use again. A person who has not been exposed to math would say math is just numbers, shapes, and some simple arithmetic. To a serious math student, math encompasses much more than just numbers and geometrical shapes, of course. During math 213 I bought into many misconceptions about math. During Week one I learned about no child left behind act and the pro’s and con’s that are associated with this act. We reviewed the order of operations and learned different meanings to some math terminology. The most exciting teaching strategy I learned in week one was called the pinch card. The pinch card allows the teacher to observe the students, while the students pinch different signs when learning the order of operation. It is a piece of paper that consists of the addiction, subtraction, multiplication, division, exponent, and parentheses symbol. Week two we discuss union, intersection, complement, different properties, commutative, associative, and identity. I learned how to use manipulative to teach different teaching strategy while teaching decimals. I found it difficult to understand some questions off the math homework during week two which help me comprehend how students will feel. Math is not hard for me to understand but I realize I have to stay super focus while in math class or I will get lose easily with the different numbers. Math is not a hard subject and many times I made it harder by not using the problem solving steps which are, explore problem, plan, solve, examine, which are very helpful when understood . My philosophy toward teaching math is to look at math from a logical standpoint instead of trying to figure it out; you will see that logically everything will fall into place. I am not a math teacher...
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