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Cambridge International Examinations (CIE) in the UK and USA With effect from the June 2003 examination Cambridge International Examinations will only accept entries in the UK and USA from students registered on courses at CIE registered Centres. UK and USA private candidates will not be eligible to enter CIE examinations unless they are repatriating from outside the UK/USA and are part way through a course leading to a CIE examination. In that case a letter of support from the Principal of the school which they had attended is required. Other UK and USA private candidates should not embark on courses leading to a CIE examination after June 2003. This regulation applies only to entry by private candidates in the UK and USA. Entry by private candidates through Centres in other countries is not affected. Further details are available from Customer Services at Cambridge International Examinations.

3015 FRENCH O LEVEL 2005

GCE Ordinary Level 3015 French

AVAILABILITY 3015 French is available in both June and November. The optional Oral examination is available in November only. RULES OF COMBINATION Candidates take Papers 1 and 2. In the November session, they may also be entered for Paper 3, an optional Oral examination. SCHEME OF ASSESSMENT SUMMARY Paper 1 duration 1 h 30 mins weighting 50% duration 1 h 30 mins Paper 2 weighting 50% Paper 3 (optional) duration approx 10 mins weighting none

PAPER 1: Translation and Composition (1 hour 30 mins) (60 marks) Candidates must attempt 2 questions only. Question 1: A composition in the foreign language of approximately 140 words based on a series of pictures. Question 2: A composition in the foreign language of approximately 140 words based on a choice of topics set in the foreign language in the form of a letter, dialogue or narrative. Question 3: A translation from English into the foreign language. PAPER 2: Reading Comprehension (1 hour 30 mins) (60 marks) The test will be in three sections: Sections 1 and 2 (40 marks) All questions requiring written answers are to be answered in the foreign language. Marks will be awarded according to the comprehension shown. · · · Signs, notices, advertisements etc. tested – multiple-choice questions. Brochures, guides, short texts etc. – objective questions testing specific detail; questions to test scanning for required information. Two or three longer texts. Questions will be set to test general and specific understanding. Candidates may also be asked to identify attitudes, emotions and ideas, the main points or themes, and to draw conclusions and make inferences.


3015 FRENCH O LEVEL 2005

Section 3 (20 marks) · Cloze text with 20 gaps, mainly testing knowledge of structure.

In addition, in November only, candidates may be entered for Paper 3: an optional Oral examination. This consists of reading and conversation conducted by an external examiner. Candidates will be required to read aloud a piece of prose which they will be allowed to look through before reading and to hold a short conversation. A pass in the Oral examination will be indicated on the result slip and certificate, provided that the candidate reaches grade C6 in the subject. The examination will be held at some time before the beginning of the written examination to be fixed locally. The financial arrangements are made locally and no liability is incurred by Cambridge. Full instructions for the conduct and assessment of the Oral examination and a copy of the working mark sheet (to be photocopied by teacher/examiners as required) may be found on the following pages.

The oral examination for 3015 French is an optional test and can be taken only by candidates who are taking the written papers. Failure in the oral test will not prejudice the result in the written papers. ADMINISTRATIVE ARRANGEMENTS The oral test is available in November only and will normally take...
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