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  • Published : March 4, 2013
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What does diversity mean in education and globalization?
We are living in a happy world filled up with different cultures. Due to the cultural diversity, our life style become more and more colorful. We start listening foreign music, to learn many different languages; the rate of people who choose to study abroad is increasing. It is not hard to see that the cultural diversity delighted our life; otherwise, diversity also makes the education system become more perfection. With the development of the globalization, diversity also makes some differences on some aspects, like the world’s economic improvement and the changing about citizens’ life. First, diversity plays an important role in education part. For example, in American higher education, cultural diversity makes study environment more efficient. As the website of the Farileigh Dickinson University said that “many colleges and universities share a common belief, born of experience, that diversity in their student bodies, faculties, and staff is important for them to fulfill their primary mission: providing a quality education. The public is entitled to know why these institutions believe so strongly that racial and ethnic diversity should be one factor among the many considered in admissions and hiring. ” From his words, we can know that diversity enhance the education background colorful. For us, we, study in America, can get directly chance to connect with other international students. Throughout communicate with them, we can learn different culture, we can see how they celebrate their special festivals and how they treat their religions. Another thing I want to mention is because of my major is related to business, so I can know some fatal facts from their conversations or ask them directly. Those information is more vivid and actual then I read from newspaper or textbooks. The effect of diversity on globalization is a causal chain. Firstly, some companies in China work with American companies and...
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