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  • Published : February 10, 2013
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When my elementary level starts, I learned to go to school without my mother. I started to study at Allacapan Central Elementary School. When I was grade 1, I got 4th rank. I learned to study hard when I was at the elementary level because according to my mother it is nice to see that I’m in the stage with her and pining my ribbon in short it is nice to see that I have a rank and it’s true your really proud if you will have a ribbon or medal during the recognition day. I enjoy my elementary level because in this stage of my life, I learned a lot of things and also I met a lot of friends. I also learned a lot of games because at this stage of our life there is always time for playing and that is the thing that I do not forget when I was elementary level, playing with my friends and classmates. HIGH SCHOOL

When I was grade 6, they say that the most enjoyable part of studying is the high school life. I can feel it now, it’s true, the most enjoyable and memorable part of schooling is the high school life. Why? Because in this part of our life we can meet a lot of friends, we can experience a things that we not yet experience during our elementary level and also we can experience a lot of funny experience in this part of our life. We can also experience to attend the seniors ball if we reach 4th year level. In my high school life I am happy that for the four years I stay at AVHS I always belong at the cream section. In this part of my life I met a lot of friends and a lot funny experience like copying assignments with my classmates, and other funny moments. Almost all the teachers of our school hates us because according to them our batch is the laziest, the noisiest, the most undisciplined, the two complaining and other bad comments from our teachers. We can’t blame them because it’s true our batch is very different from the past batch, we are very ``HEARDHEADED’’. Almost every day we are scolded from our teachers and they say they do not know what they...
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