Educating Younger Students

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As a potential teacher you should have the mindset and the ability to see outside of the box and incorporate such things in the classroom that you may not expect. Literacy and math together is a great way to teach students two crucial subjects in one lesson. A common way to do so is to integrate literature by using a trade book at the introduction or conclusion of a mathematical lesson.

For example by reading the book "Beep Beep, Vroom Vroom!" by Stuart J. Murphy, taught in a first grade classroom is an excellent way to introduce patterns to students. This story is a delightful one to children as the main character Molly loves to play with her big brother's to cars. The children will have the opportunity to recognize the red cars vroom while the yellow cars beep. These children will enjoy patterns as they learn to recognize them in an early essential math skill. This trade book covers the New York State MST learning standards 1 and 3, as well as the New York State ELA learning standard 1.

To begin my lesson I will ask my student to listen to the story. In the book the older brother has three different color cars. at the end of the story the sister get her own special cars but she only has two colors for cars. I plan to tell my students they will work in pairs ant they are going to help Molly, the sister set her cars up in pattern just like her brother did.

I will demonstrate to the class how they will make the pattens and show them a prepared sentence strip with a bag of different colored cars. I will them point out the pattern on the strip and show them the different selections of cars that may be chosen. This is when I will ask for a volunteer to answer the question of what car goes next? Instead of having magnets where i use manipulative up on the blackboard of cars i will give each group, glue, their own magus of cars and sentence strips to complete.

I will give the students an opportunity to complete their sentence strips but i will be sure to...
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