Educating the Youth

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Educating the Youth
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Educating the Youth
Look back to high school, by chance did you graduate with an individual who was pregnant or already had a baby? Chances are high that most individuals answered yes to this question. Why may have this individual had a child or gotten pregnant to begin with? There are many factors whether the pregnancy was planned or unplanned to contribute to the new addition. To educate children about sex before their teenage years will help students prepare and see the importance of choices that have been unavoidable and decrease the rates of teen pregnancies and sexually transmitted diseases. Most parents hesitate to talk to their children about sex until it is too late, though experts agree that having frequent and honest discussions about sexuality is the key to preparing your teens for sex (Tauber 2005). For some teens that become pregnant, maybe their parents just didn’t have time to explain the big responsibility of being in charge of another life and they thought they could handle it. Family Talk in New York stresses that parents should be primary sex educators due to data showing that kids listen to their parents; though they say they do not (Juarez 2005). Parents are vital sources for background, opinions, and information on sex, yet numerous amounts of teens never hear a single word on this controversial topic. Children and their parents have always had trouble talking about sexuality. It shows adolescents that have a close relationship with their parents seem to be less likely to experience a teen pregnancy. But what does that show for the kids that don’t have their parents around? They shouldn’t have to learn on their own therefore, schools should step into action to inform the youth of abstinence, contraception, and the emotional features of sex. Abstinence-only education has had little demonstrable impact on teenagers' sexual behaviors (Harper 2010). It turns out, teens can’t be told to not have sex and for us to expect them to follow our orders. The policy toward abstinence in the U.S. has not been successful (Commendador, K.A. 2010). Though all youth should be enforced to not engage in sexual activity at all to prevent unwanted or unplanned pregnancies, it is important to elaborate on other sex education programs to implement the prominence and make up for the percent of youth that will still participate in sex. The results of studies indicated that most abstinence programs did not delay initiation of sex, and three of nine studies did not have any significant positive effects on any sexual behavior (Commendador, K.A. 2010). When it comes down to it, teens do make the final decision on if they want or do not want to partake in sex. Abstinence isn’t convincing or enough for teens to abide by. Even after we have informed them on the risk they are taking, it is extremely hard to stop them. So the use of condoms and birth control are encouraged to be used for individuals who decide to participate in sexual activity. At least they are aware that using these contraceptives will reduce the risk of a sexually transmitted disease or even a pregnancy. That is why sex education is so important. They need these key ideas so they know what they are getting themselves into. Though we give them the facts on what we believe they should do, it seems many individuals will figure out on their own what is in store for them. This includes emotional factors that come with sex. Some may think it was not what they thought it was going to be, as if they made a mistake and they wish to take it back. Teens will all deal with it differently. Others may think it is worthless, and they may feel used by their partner. Regardless, the young should be given a heads up so they don’t feel like they have to experience it like many others and they too can still have an understanding. To prevent other consequences, inform all students how to safely and successfully use forms of contraception...
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