Educating Students about Substance Abuse

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  • Published : July 31, 2008
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Make The Right Choice would like to finance a project that would educate its students about the dangers of substance abuse. The students would actually be in the different sports programs and be part of promoting healthy lifestyles without the use of drugs. The students will come together and receive training from educators. Some of the goals will include an education program and planning alcohol free events, promote leadership, work with athletes’ to train others, and develop alcohol abuse prevention programs. We believe that the enthusiasm for the program will grow as the students seek new opportunity to address the issues of substance abuse and how to live a healthy lifestyle. We challenge these students to step up and be leaders. By doing so, they will be encouraging other students to join in the fight against drugs. The students will receive training and become educators Education alone is not enough to reduce drug use but this program will promote positive change, encourage activities that will be drug free. This is a science based drug prevention program. We strongly believe that this program will increase protective factors and reduce risk behaviors and focus on students and athletes’ efforts to build programs that are empowering. Our program will set the ground work so other colleges can follow. This program will prove to decrease excessive and underage drinking on campus and in the community. Our objective will be to train 20 students and athletes’ to work with a prevention staff to explain the program, training and leadership opportunities. They will offer brochures and educational material at workshops and all over the campus. This program will be brought into athletic events, education programs and during sporting events along with orientation. This program will improve and support the best interest of its students and community.
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