Educating Rita Essay

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  • Published : June 26, 2011
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Into the world has many meanings, a new way of looking at life. The words '' into the world '' is the experiences that the person has to go through like changing their lives to something that may be different or the opposite to who they really are.

Educating Rita is about a young adult trying to create a better life by getting a better education and creating a better self esteem to feel like she belongs, she says she wants to be more like the higher students. As we all know there are hard and easy obstacles that revolve around in life. Rita has to choose whether or not she is going to keep studying with Frank or stop going there and be with Danny, Rita found it a hard challenge. The song “I was only 19” is basically the same, the 3 films our class watched show that they had to leave things behind and its different to what people say it is. The song is heart breaking it makes you feel like you can do something but you know you can’t. It made me feel the emotions that they felt with losing friends and being scared. There is a similarity there between the two texts as they both have to

In act 1 scene 6-7 frank invites Rita over for tea and a few drinks in the scene it says she felt like she didn’t belong. She felt like she was to bogan to be in that environment, she feels as though they will judge her for who she is. People change themselves to fit in. Rita only wants to be accepted, she’s made a goal to try and get a better education. Rita is trying to be someone she’s not. In the script educating Rita and the song when i was only 19 its about a person deciding where to change either by being educated as Rita does. The way that the soldier is trying to make his life better but finds it hard because he can’t sleep due to having nightmares about the war.

Educating Rita makes my understanding of “Into the world” better because I am facing hard obstacles myself, I’m currently in my last year of high school and i feel stressed due to having to fit my life...
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